Tomahawk Steak

This is a post about meat, if you are at all not interested in large, juicy, flame grilled steak, look away now… A week or so before Father’s day this year, my local butcher (Ryan’s Quality Meats) advertised a special gift pack consisting of nearly 1.5kg of Tomahawk steak and bottle of red wine. We … Continue reading Tomahawk Steak

— Sous Vide Key Wat —

Continuing to explore the unusual sides of sous vide cuisine I have branched out to try a classic Ethiopian beef key wat. This is a beautifully aromatic beef stew which is usual slow cooked over a long period of time to enhance its flavours and the tenderness of the meat. Traditionally served with Injera which … Continue reading — Sous Vide Key Wat —

Sexy Salmon

We stayed in this year for Valentine's Day and cooked our own dinner. The name of this dish pays homage to the fish truck that we've seen on Stirling Highway near the University of Western Australia that used to advertise their salmon fillets as Sexy Salmon every weekend. It used to be our landmark and … Continue reading Sexy Salmon