— Smoked Lamb Roast —

I’ve just realised there is a shocking lack of lamb in my list of ingredients in these recipes. Isn’t this one of the most traditional Australian BBQ meats? To make up for that, here is an extremely technical and complicated lamb roast recipe. I jest, it was actually very easy to cook but I pulled … Continue reading — Smoked Lamb Roast —

Tangia Sous Vide

You’ll have heard of a Moroccan Tajine, but have you ever had a Tangia? It is a pot, a way of cooking and meal all by itself. Usually classed as a bachelor stew – you add all the ingredients into a earthenware pot and allow it to slow cook over long periods of time . … Continue reading Tangia Sous Vide

Beef Satay

When I was growing up making satay took two days. One day for pounding herbs and spices in a mortar and pestle into a marinade for the meat. The second day was for skewering pieces of meat on satay sticks as the aroma of the peanut satay sauce held up the hot summer air. It was labour intensive and time consuming but the pay off was worth it as you bit into the spiced meat drowned in the tangy sweet and spicy peanut sauce. I grew up with a mix of lamb and beef satays.