Layered Chicken Biryani Rice

One of my favourite foods is biryani rice. I have never attempted to make it at home until now. A couple lessons I will take away from this is to start earlier and have a ready supply of kashmiri chilli. A chilli with moderate spice levels while adding a vibrant red colour to a dish. … Continue reading Layered Chicken Biryani Rice

Beef Satay

When I was growing up making satay took two days. One day for pounding herbs and spices in a mortar and pestle into a marinade for the meat. The second day was for skewering pieces of meat on satay sticks as the aroma of the peanut satay sauce held up the hot summer air. It was labour intensive and time consuming but the pay off was worth it as you bit into the spiced meat drowned in the tangy sweet and spicy peanut sauce. I grew up with a mix of lamb and beef satays.