— Sous Vide Key Wat —

Continuing to explore the unusual sides of sous vide cuisine I have branched out to try a classic Ethiopian beef key wat. This is a beautifully aromatic beef stew which is usual slow cooked over a long period of time to enhance its flavours and the tenderness of the meat. Traditionally served with Injera which … Continue reading — Sous Vide Key Wat —

Pastrami Part I

One meat I’m seeing more and more at trendy food outlets around Perth is the good old New York style pastrami. Usually served by way to the classic Ruben sandwich. Now, this isn’t a style of meat that most home cooks would attempt as it is a fairly long process (see Part II) . However, … Continue reading Pastrami Part I

Beef Satay

When I was growing up making satay took two days. One day for pounding herbs and spices in a mortar and pestle into a marinade for the meat. The second day was for skewering pieces of meat on satay sticks as the aroma of the peanut satay sauce held up the hot summer air. It was labour intensive and time consuming but the pay off was worth it as you bit into the spiced meat drowned in the tangy sweet and spicy peanut sauce. I grew up with a mix of lamb and beef satays.