Truffle Scrambled Eggs with Saucisson sprinkled with Goat Cheddar Cheese

We went away for a weekend break in the south west of Western Australia and decided to stay in a self-contained chalet in between Cowaramup and Margaret River for peace and quiet.

We also spent the weekend cooking from local produce and it was also the weekend that I finally succeeded in making creamy scrambled eggs without adding water, cream, or milk. Just 100% eggs. I also added saucisson and a sprinkle of goat cheddar cheese.

Good quality fresh eggs, a non-stick frypan, low heat, and paying attention is all anyone needs for creamy scrambled eggs.



  1. Heat a non-stick frypan with medium heat. Add the truffle oil. Don’t go overboard even if you’re not using truffle oil. Scrambled eggs aren’t greasy. Just enough to lubricate egg from pan while cooking.
  2. Whip the eggs in a separate bowl so that the yolks break and mix with the whites.
  1. Add the whipped eggs to the heated saucepan.
  1. I added saucisson soon after before stirring the egg.
The saucisson pieces are floating on the egg mixture. Such good fresh eggs.
  1. While on medium heat, gently begin stirring the egg mixture making sure to lift it from the surface of the pan while it cooks.
  1. There will come a point where the egg mixture is almost at its creamy cooked finish. That’s the time to take the pan off the heat as the egg will continue to cook with the residual egg.
I like my scrambled eggs on the creamy side so this is where I take it off the heat. If you like your eggs less creamy, leave it on the heat longer.
  1. Serve with toast and perhaps even a sausage.

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