Supreme Pulled Pork

Its winter, cold wet and miserable outside – this screams the need for comfort food. Nicely spiced pulled pork on fresh tortillas sounded like a winner to me a few nights ago. This pork leg was given the special treatment and spiced with a cajun rub. It was cooked with 24 hours of Sous Vide and a 2 hour smoke. This combination gave a delicious pull apart pork.

post smoke.jpg


  • 1kg Boned pork leg.
  • A rub made from Cajun spice, brown sugar and salt.

Green Salsa

  • 2 x green Paprika
  • Lime juice

Red Salsa

  • 1 x punnet cherry tomatoes
  • 2 x red chilli


  • I gave the meat a good rub with liberal amounts of spice mix. There was approximately 4 table spoons each of salt and sugar and about 2 table spoons of Cajun spice. This gave a nice spicy and aromatic mix.
  • The pork was sealed in a vacuum bag and placed in the Sous Vide at 74°C for 24 hours. This creates a beautifully tender, ready to eat pulled pork. You could stop here, shred and eat this. However, a good pulled pork needs a good crust. So..
  • The BBQ was fired to 225°F with a combination of apple and red gupost sous vide.jpgm for a mild smokey flavour. The pork was allowed to cook for about 3 hours before being removed and wrapped in alfoil to rest. The internal temperature of the meat was not critical as it has already been cooked.
  • While smoking the meat I also smoked the paprika, chilli and tomatoes to use for the salsas. Each salsa is made by combining and blending the ingredients. I used lime juice to dilute them to the right consistency.
  • The pork shredded easily and had a delightful smokey and spicy flavour to it. We served it with fresh tortillas and the two smokey salsas. Messy, but extremely tasty!

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