Smoked and Crackled Leg of Pork

The first piece of meat we tried on the ProQ smoker was a nice chunk of pork, a rolled pork leg of 1.5kg. This one was kept fairly simple as it was my first try with the ProQ. With the low temperatures it turned out amazingly moist and succulent. To top it all off we placed the roast under the grill to allow the skin to crackle (which worked beautifully). This was a fantastic dish, we’ve never had pork like this.crackled


  • 5kg Rolled, boned pork leg.
  • A rub made from salt, sugar, thyme and chipotle.


  • I gave the meat a good rub with liberal amounts of spice mix. The idea of this was to add some flavors to the meat. The salt also helps the crackle develop properly.
  • The BBQ was fired to 225°F (excuse the mixed temperatures. BBQ information all seems to use ° I used a handful of mesquite and hickory chips on the bed of hot coals to add some smoke to the cook.


  • The meat cooked for about three and half to get to an internal temperature of 160°
  • The roast was then removed and placed under a grill at 180°C for 10 minutes to develop an amazing crispy crackling. The pork was then wrapped in Al foil and allowed to rest before serving.
  • This turned out to be one of the tastiest and juiciest pieces of pork I have ever eaten. Highly recommended!
  • roasted

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